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As the name suggests, Foodies Tapas Tour is a tapas tour designed for “Foodies” and food lovers. In this tour, our expert guides offer the experience of discovering the gastronomy of Barcelona by going to places popular among locals but still unknown by outsiders. The tour consists in 4 stops, each one exploring local places that offer authentic food from the region.


Art-Picasso & Tapas Tour

Thanks to our expert guides, this tour will take you around the most important museums of the city: the Museum of Picasso and Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art also known as MACBA. And while you will be strolling around those sites, you will also be enjoying the most authentic and worldwide wanted food in Barcelona, which is Tapas!


Market & Tapas Tour

If you like typical Catalan and Spanish food and you want to visit excellent markets in Barcelona, this tour is tailored for you! Barcelona has one of the greatest food markets in the world, so this tour wants to combine the two most important places in Barcelona where you can find authentic and healthy fresh food: La Boqueria market and Santa Caterina market.


Our mission is to find the best places to mix gastronomy and tradition along with Spanish and Catalan culture. And we promise to offer you delicious food, tasty wines and local gastronomy. So why not falling in love with such a beautiful city? If you want to be amazed by Barcelona, come and join us! We are waiting for you!

foodie barcelona

Hello! We are Foodie Barcelona, a company specialized in tours that counts years of expertise in guiding visitors through the corners of Barcelona.

Barcelona is a destination particularly renowend for its Mediterranean gastronomy and our guides are experts about the city's secret food recipes and local restaurants. They can take food lovers from all around the world through the most popular restaurants of the area and let them enjoy the authentic taste of the city.

That's how we came up with the idea of creating a tour dedicated to tapas lovers and we decided to call it “Foodies Tapas Tour”, so that all the food lovers that come to Barcelona can discover where local foodies like to eat. This and other tours are the result of months of experience as local food maniacs looking for the perfect spots that offer delicious and authentic food.

Food is an emotional escape and we master the art of taking out hosts around the city in order to make them enjoy exceptionally good food. So if our guides share little intimate secrets about food that you can't find elsewhere, why shouldn't you join us? It's time to enjoy food!
Moreover, we offer a wide range of choices for all different types of needs and curiosities.

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